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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Box of Metal with GATE control

This is again the Box of Metal from zVex's but with a GATE control. This is not the actual gate circuit of the original. The gate control is taken from G2D's Morpheus pedal. I haven't tried it yet as this was meant for experimenting. All the non-labeled transistors are BS170. Opamp can be any as long as it is a single one. Feel free to comment.

Fulltone OCD v4

The layout to be presented this time is the version 4 of Fulltone's OCD. Schematics are everywhere including the other version. The MOSFET is a 2N7000 and the LED anti-pop circuit is also included-the one labeled "LED" is where your indicator LED must be connected. The layout is verified. This pedal sounds so good on it's own.

Layout download:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Parametric EQ

What I have here today is a parametric EQ from a japanese schematic. I haven't built it but the layout is correct as per schem. This looks simple and interesting so I decided to make a layout on this one. I already did the Ibanez PQL but i'm not quite satisfied with the results. Well, maybe this one is not bad at all as it is in my "to-do" list now. I would suggest to use reverse audio pots for the Q and Frequency pots(dual gang). Be careful with the jumpers especially at the TL074 opamp. It would be nice to solder an insulated wire at the copperside. Sorry, I just want every layout to be compact as possible. The numbers labeled as "3 2 1" is pretty much standard in pot designation, ie 3=CW, 2=W, 1=CCW.

Layout download

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MXR Zakk Wylde OD(ZW-44)

This is the MXR ZW-44 overdrive layout taken from Analogguru's schematic. I did not include Jack Orman's anti-LED pop this time but i use the original's LED switching instead. The pads labeled SWITCH is going to be connected in the 3PDT footswitch(if this will be used instead of DPDT). Please take note that the square pads of the diodes is the "+"(banded side or the cathode). Layout is verified.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Box of Metal

This is the Box of Metal without the GATE section taken from this traced schematic. Board is laid out with PCB mount pots and fits in a 125B type boxes. Almost all resistors are in standing position. You can try both the values suggested in the TREBLE cap(20nF or 180pF). The semiconductor is a BS170 MOSFET. I used ones from Fairchild Semi(pinout is "D G S" facing its front/flat side). Layout is verified. For more infos, click here.

Layout Download

Monday, February 16, 2009

Double Drive overdrive (true bypass version B)

Maybe some of you didn't want PCB mount pots so I designed another layout which is obviously not. Just be careful of the offboard wiring though. Here it is:

Please note that the capacitor(0.1) in series with 1K resistor near the LEVEL pot is actually 0.01uF(10nF).

Double Drive overdrive (true bypass version A)

Alright, here is the true bypass version layout of the Tech 21 DD plus a bonus of PCB mount pots!. This fits in a 1590 Hammond style enclosure. Jack Orman's LED anti-pop circuit is also included(located at the INPUT). Schematics based from here. Layout is verified!Enjoy.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Double Drive Overdrive

Here's a project for non-true bypass freaks out there. It's the Tech21 Double Drive OD. Square pads of the diodes indicates the CATHODE. FET switching is adapted from Boss pedals switching system. Use 2SK30A for switching FETs and BC945 for the bipolars. Footswitch is a normally open type. Layout is verified!. True bypass version to follow.

Nobels Guitar Nycro Headphone amp

Here is a headphone guitar amplifier from Nobels. This is an excellent sounding little box. Crystal clean tones, awesome overdrive and distortion selections too. Offboard connections are not shown. The selector switch is a DP3T(double pole - three throw) ie like the one used in diy sansamp GT-2(Alco switch). Switching configuration is this:

P1 T1 T2 T3

P2 T1 T2 T3

Each point corresponds each pins of the switch. Layout is verified!

DI box(H&K Red Box Mark II)

Build the Hughes and Kettner Red Box Mk II DI box with cabinet simulation. Layout is of course verified. I used this little box for my PC recording stuff. Schematic is at this site Please note that in the schematic there is no option for phantom powering. It would be better if a bipolar capacitor(1uF) at the output will be used. The 10ohms and 100n in the GND LIFT portion is not included in the schematic. The idea was taken from Rod Elliot(Elliot Sound Products), it can be omitted if desired. Here's the layout:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Crunchbox v2 project

This is the crunchbox v2 of MI audio verified PCB layout. Added with Jack Orman's LED anti-pop circuit.
Simple yet effective anti-pop circuit for true bypass pedals. Opamp is LM833 specifically from National Semiconductor but I use ST's version with excellent results. Try it!Remember to use IC socket.